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Nijland Animal Feed

high quality feed for
birds of pray and reptiles

Nijland Diervoeders is a supplier of fresh and frozen food animals and animal feed. Starting from a hobby I started to supply day-old chicks as food for birds of prey. We have now become one of the largest suppliers of food animals and pet food in the Netherlands.

We therefore supply much more animal feed than just frozen food animals such as mice, rats and rabbits. Our range nowadays also includes animal feed for dogs, cats, poultry, ornamental birds and reptiles. Look in our online store for the complete range and the current range of fresh and frozen foods. We deliver our feed throughout the Netherlands and parts of Europe. You can easily order online. Nijland will gladly deliver your order to your home or to a business location.

Business customers

Business customers, such as zoos and professionals, can create a business account and see special retail prices.

Nijland Diervoeders

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