About us

Nijland Diervoeders B.V. was founded by father (Gerrit) and son (Dennis) Nijland.
By the year 2003 we started keeping and breeding birds of prey and owls. With this hobby, over time we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience with these types of birds.

Own nursery

We have learned, in particular, about animal feed. The quality of the given food greatly affects the breeding results. Thus, at that time, we switched to the self-cultivation of our foodstuffs because the products that were on the market were more empty casing than good food. We immediately noted this transition in our breeding results.

Not only did we notice that the results were better, co-workers also received good results and increased demand for our self-catered foodstuffs. In 2010, this nursery went so far that we decided to stop the keeping and growing of birds of prey and owls and to completely switch to the cultivation of high quality food animals. During this time, Nijland Animal Feed is B.V. originated.

The demand for food animals continued to increase and over time, we have expanded our product range considerably. Since 2012, we also sell day old chicks, quails, fish, rabbits, pigeons and various chicken products.
Not only our range has been expanded in recent years, but also in the field of staff, there has been a change in the past few years. For years, Arwin Legierse has been our bookkeeper and also a personal friend of Dennis and is very interested in what we are doing. In 2014, we decided to combine Arwins’ financial and commercial qualities with our knowledge and experience, and we will jointly enter into the future of Nijland Animal Feed B.V. to create a company that delivers high quality products for a good price.